Student support services

Student Orientation

All new students must attend the Student Orientation at the commencement of the course. An induction programme will allow the student to explore and learn about the school to help the student settle down and get to work with the least time and effort. They will be briefed on the Student Handbook as well as on all the other documents received at that time.

Medical Insurance

A group medical insurance scheme meeting provides students with coverage for the hospitalisation, surgery and treatment costs throughout their course duration.

The policies shall cover:

  • Annual limit not less than S$20,000.00 medical costs coverage per student;
  • At least B2 ward stay (in government and restructured hospitals);
  • 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if the student is involved in school-related activities).

Students are given a photocopy of the master medical insurance policy.

Survey & Collection of information

Students will evaluate their course in the form of student surveys conducted

  1. at the commencement of the course
  2. at end of each term and
  3. at the end of the course

This will provide the School with valuable feedback for the purposes of ensuring the quality of the course.

Pastoral Care & Counselling

SCM is committed to providing assistance to students who need counselling and guidance for any emotional, psychological and challenges in a confidential setting.

At the first level, students can approach any academic and non-academic for consultation. Alternatively, students can arrange for an appointment with our in-house counsellor or external professional counsellor by contacting the Administration Office.

Academic & Career Counselling

Student should contact the administration office if they require academic counselling or career guidance during their course. An appointment will be made for the student to meet with the Course Manager or a relevant lecturer. To better prepare our students for the industry we organise recruitment talks, industry visits and career counselling sessions during their course of studies.

Pre-course Counselling

During the pre-course counselling which happens after the students have submitted their application or indicated their intention to apply, the relevant staff or recruitment agents explain the school’s Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) procedures and address all other queries relating to FPS that the students may have.

Staff-Student Mentoring Services

The Staff-Student Mentoring is designed to facilitate informal out-of-classroom engagements with the ultimate goal of enriching the students’ learning experience in SCM and to support the holistic development of the students.

Mentors meet and work with a small group of students regularly over the full duration of the course to assist mentees to develop the confidence in making the transition from school to professional working life.

S/N Type of Facility Size
1 Performance Hall 253.48 SQM
2 Keyboard Room 20.81 SQM
3 Recording Studio 19.41 SQM
4 Music Studio 1 20.81 SQM
5 Music Studio 2 16.74 SQM
6 Classroom 1 25.13 SQM
7 Classroom 2 49.78 SQM
8 Performance Lounge 50.31 SQM
Student Accommodations

SCM has an approved provider that delivers system & process in place to ensure the security & safety of students. With breakfast, water-electricity-unlimited internet & activities provided, we ensure the comfort of students & parents of knowing their children are in safe hands.

These are very special rates extend to our students for 12 continuous months’ stay

*Price stated below is meant for individual

Shared (more than 4 pax / room)

$7,572 for 12 months (approx. $631 per month)

Quad (4 pax / room)

$8,736 for 12 months (approx. $728 per month)

Double (2 pax / room)

$9,900 for 12 months (approx. $825 per month)

Single (1 pax / room)

$11,640 for 12 months (approx. $970 per month)

Admin fee

$150 per contract

Security deposit

$500 – this is refundable at the end of the stay.

Full upfront payment is required before the entire stay; to reserve the space for the students throughout the entire year.