Application & Submission

1. Pre-course Counselling

For more information about the Conservatory, prospective students are encouraged to contact our Recruitment Executive or Authorized Recruitment Agents for a dedicated complimentary Pre-Course Counselling session.

Students are encouraged to seek and understand all necessary information about the school and courses before proceeding with the enrolment. Our dedicated personnel shall assist you professionally.

2. Document Submission

Please send your completed application form to:

Synpura Conservatory of Music

181A East Coast Road,S428887


Email to

3. Upcoming Intakes and Programme Schedule

For inquiry please Contact us at:

Telephone: 65-85881608


4. Course Fees

Fee Breakdown               Total Payable

Application Fee                 S$100

Course Fee                    S$12,000          

Teaching Material Fee           

Internal Exam Fee                -

Total Fees Payable             S$ 12,100

Admission Requirements

1. Age:

Minimum 15 years old

2. Academic requirement:

Completed Secondary 3, Junior Middle School, or its international equivalent.

3. Skills & Musicianship Test:

  • Pass SCM’s Music Theory Placement Test
  • Pass SCM’s Audition:
    • Instrumentalists: 3 to 6 minutes’ performance, TWO contrasting pieces
    • Singers: 3 to 6 minutes’ performance, TWO contrasting songs

4. Language competency

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 3.5 administered by the British Council, or
  • GCE ‘N’ Level English Language – Pass
  • Other English Language Proficiency Tests (TOEFL etc) – will be considered on a case-by-case basis


In case applicants who are unable to provide documentary, evidence showing the necessary English Language proficiency is required to sit for an English Placement Test.

Admission Procedures

Application Process

  • Interested applicants need to email or postal mail a completed application form with supporting documents to the school. (No application fee needs to be paid at this point).
  • All successful applicants will receive a Letter of Offer. Upon receipt of the Letter of Offer, successful applicants need to pay the application fee (by cash, cheque or telegraphic transfer) before the application is processed further.
  • Upon receipt of the application fee, all applicants will receive the Student Contract. Students need to return the signed copies of the student contract to the school.

Upon receipt of the signed Student Contract, the school will send the Payment Voucher to local applicants, with instructions on how to pay the course fees to the school’s account. In addition, the school will inform applicants of the orientation date and the admission procedure is complete for applicants who are Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident.

Fee Protection Scheme

About the Fee Protection Scheme

  • The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) is mandatory serves to protect students’ fees in the event a private education institution is unable to continue operating due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure.
  • SCM adopt the FPS Insurance Scheme
  • Students will deposit their course fee to the school’s current account with DBS Bank. The school shall the fee protection insurance from Lonpac Insurance Bhd.
Student Recruitment Agent

SCM only appoints highly qualified recruitment partners to act as our official education consultants. These agents have undergone a rigorous screening process and received detailed training on proper procedures and guidelines. We work closely with them to reach out to students and help them prepare for an enriching educational experience. SCM does not authorised any unauthorised representations.


Please contact us at if you need further details on our recruitment process.

Student Contract

Synpura Conservatory of Music signs a student contract (following the standard CPE student contract) with every student during admission.

The student contract indicates the detailed breakdown of total fees payable by the student together with the payment schedule, as well as other conditions and agreements that relate to the programme of study.

Students are required to sign an advisory note (based on a standard CPE template) prior to signing the student contract to ensure that they have understood and agreed to all the terms of the contract.

Please refer to to find out more about the student contract.

Refund Policies

SCM’s refund policy is as follows:

Refund for Withdrawal due to Non-Delivery of Course

  • SCM will notify the student within three (3) working days upon knowledge of any of the following :
    • SCM fails, for any reason, to commence the Course on the Course Commencement Date;*
    • SCM terminates the Course, for any reason, prior to the Course Commencement Date;*
    • SCM fails, for any reason, to complete the Course by the Course Completion Date;
    • SCM terminates the Course, for any reason, prior to Course Completion Date;
    • SCM has not ensured that the student meets the course entry or matriculation requirement as set by the organization stated in Schedule A of the Student Contract within any stipulated timeline set by CPE
      *School’s non-performance (i.e. cancellation of a class before it begins) arises due to the insufficient number of students to make up a class

The student should be informed in writing of alternative study arrangements (if any) and also be entitled to a refund of the entire Course Fees and Miscellaneous Fees already paid should the student decide to withdraw, within seven (7) working days of the above notice. ICA charges are not considered Miscellaneous Fees.

Time Frame for Refund: Within 7 working days with necessary documentation

Refund for Withdrawal due to other reasons

  • Where the student withdraws from the Course for any reason other than those set out in ‘Withdrawal due to Non-Delivery of Course’ above:
  • Amount: The amount refunded is based on when the student’s written notice of withdrawal is received, as indicated below, less application fees (non-refundable).


% of [the amount of fees paid under Schedules B and C]

If Student’s written notice of withdrawal is received:


more than 30 days before the Course Commencement Date


before, but not more than 14 days before the Course Commencement Date


after, but not more than 14 days after the Course Commencement Date


more than 30 days after the Course Commencement Date


Time Frame for Refund

Refund made within 7 working days from effective date of withdrawal (if this is different from the date of receipt of notice).

Students have a 7-working days cooling off period after signing the contract, during which they are entitled to get the Highest Percentage Refund according to Schedule D in the Student Contract of the fees already paid if the student submits a written notice of withdrawal to the PEI within the cooling-off period, regardless of whether the Student has started the course or not.

The 7-working days will start from the date the contract is signed by both parties (ie. the school and student).

Course deferments are only allowed for local students. A student who wishes to defer must submit a Request for Deferment.

Deferment is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will normally granted for medical reasons, national service and other valid reasons. Documented proof must be attached to the Request for Deferment. There will be no refund of course fees in the case of deferments. International students may not defer. Instead, they must withdraw from the course and if they wish to continue their studies at a later stage, they must reapply to study at the School in accordance with the application procedures.

Refund Procedures

The School’s refund procedure covers the following commonly occurring situations:

  1. School’s non-performance
  2. Student changes his mind during the 7-working days cooling off period
  3. Student’s withdrawal

The procedure for a student-initiated refund (due to the student’s withdrawal/change of mind during the cooling period, etc) is as follows:

  1. The student gives a written letter to the School requesting a refund with the reasons for a refund.
  2. The School will calculate the amount of refund and explain the breakdown of the refund to the student. The student then signs an acknowledgement form.
  3. Once approved, the School will arrange for the escrow account provider to refund the money directly to the student.
  4. For student under insurance (FPS), the Finance Executive will prepare the cheque payment to be made to the student.

The procedure for a school-initiated refund (due to the School not performing) is as follows:

  1. Upon receipt of written confirmation that the course will not run or the student pass has not been approved, the School will calculate the amount of refund due to the student
  2. Once approved, the School will arrange for the escrow account provider to refund the money directly to the students.

For student under insurance (FPS), the Finance Executive will prepare the cheque payment to be made to the student.