Academic Matters

Student Assessment

SCM adopts a combination of Summative Assessment & Progressive Assessment method where students are assessed progressively and continuously. Depending on the objective requirements and the learning outcomes of a module may be based on one or a combination of the following:

  1. Group project work
  2. Assignments and tutorials
  3. Presentations & Performance
  4. Practical works/Demonstrations
  5. Examinations
Teacher - Student Ratio

As a music higher education institution, SCM adopts a conservatory style in the allocation of teacher – student ratio appropriate to the course of studies:

Theory Studies (Small group) – 1: 10

Performance Studies (Principle Study) – 1:1

Performance Studies (Small Group) – 1:5

Performance Studies (Ensembles/Choirs) – 1:25

Lectures – 1:25

Graduation Requirements

Students’ academic performance is assessed throughout the course. A student must meet the attendance requirement and obtain a minimum of a pass for every module to obtain the Certificate in Music Performance


An exemption may be granted for a module if a student can demonstrate that he/she has learned and understand the content of that module through previous study or professional experience, deemed substantially equivalent to SCM. For an exemption to be considered, a student must have obtained at least a pass grade in a specified module and must be taken less than five years from the date of application. SCM reserves the right to recognise only certain qualifications and institutions for exemption and to contact the awarding institution to verify students’ qualifications.

An exempted module will not count towards the unit or course requirement for the course. The maximum number of credit units of all the modules granted for exemption must not exceed 30% of the total credit units required to complete the course.

It is the responsibility of the student to submit a certified copy of the academic transcript; module outline and other official documentation giving sufficient details of the studies to allow an assessment of the application. All supporting documentation must be in English, including certified translations where appropriate.

Applications for module exemption should be submitted to SCM at least 8 weeks prior to the commencement of a particular term in the academic year. A student has to complete an application form, which can be obtained by contacting The General Office ( together with all required documents.


If a student wishes to defer, he/she required to submit his/her request in writing for deferment of study two weeks before the start of term. There is no refund of course fees. The School will assess and reply to any request for deferment within 4 weeks.

Students who wish to defer must submit their request in written form to the School Administration Office using the Student Request for Deferment Form. Deferments are normally granted for medical reasons, National Service call-up and other valid reasons. Documented proof must be attached to the Request for a Deferment form.

Other Policies

Confidentiality Policy

All personal data and information submitted shall be kept strictly confidential. The School undertakes not to divulge any of your personal information to any unauthorised third party without your prior written consent.

Amendment Policy

SCM reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue tuition fees, the calendar, course offerings, majors, graduation requirements, rules, policies and procedures as it deems necessary or appropriate. Students will be provided with written notice of these changes whenever possible through means such as posted notices or the Student Handbook. No exceptions may be made to any of the academic or academic-related policies or procedures without prior written authorisation by Principal. No representation by any SCM employee to the contrary may be considered authorised or binding.

Feedback Policy

The school welcomes and values all feedback, comments, suggestions and complaints from the public, staff or students. The school will acknowledge the feedback within 3 working days and target to resolve the feedback within 21 working days upon receiving the feedback.

Dispute Resolution Policy

The school has a dispute resolution policy which endeavours to reach a fair and amicable solution. Students may contact or the school front desk.  All cases will be investigated and completed within 7 working days.

Transfer & Withdrawal Policies

Students may be allowed to transfer from one course to another course within the School with the approval of the Course Manager.

Should a student transfer from one course to another course, then withdraw from the new course during the 7 working days cooling off period, this is treated as a withdrawal from the new course and hence is eligible for refund of the highest percentage (stated in Schedule D of the Student Contract) of the fees already paid for the new course.

A transfer to another private school is regarded as a withdrawal from SCM.

The school allows students to withdraw from a course in accordance with the school’s fee refund policy.

The school will assess and reply to any request for transfer/withdrawal within 4 weeks.

Withdrawal Procedure

When the student gives written notice of his intention to withdraw, the Course Manager will submit the Request for Withdrawal to the Principal, who will interview the student to find out their reasons for wanting to withdraw:

  1. If a student does not change his intention, the Principal passes the case back to the Finance Executive with instructions to process the withdrawal.
  2. The Finance Executive, Head of Admin & Operations and Course Manager attend to the various withdrawal matters including:
  3. Issuance of a letter to student affecting the withdrawal
  4. Termination of the contract
  5. Informing the FPS provider
  6. Process refund the student
  7. Issuing the attendance record, if applicable
  8. Administering the end-of-course survey, if applicable


Transfer Procedure

The school’s procedure for transfer to another course within the school is as follows:

  1. When the student gives written notice of his intention to transfer course by submitting the request for Transfer Course form, the Course Manager sends the request for transfer to the Principal.
  2. The Principal or Course Manager discusses with the student and tries to understand his reasons for wanting to transfer and explain to the student the various implications for his transfer
  3. The following are some of the circumstances where the transfer can be considered:
    • Change in the interest of the student
    • Medical condition
    • Aptitude of the student for the new course
    • Vacancy in the new course

The student is invited to decide how he/she wants to proceed, whether to:

Stop temporarily and start again later in his new course,

  1. If the student wishes to stop temporarily
  2. The Principal hands over the case to the Finance Executive, Head of Marketing & Recruitment and Head of Admin & Operations with instructions, if any, for processing (within 7 working days of issuance of the letter)
  3. The Finance Executive, Head of Marketing & Recruitment and Head of Admin & Operations attend to the various transfer matters including:
    • Issuance of a letter to student affecting the transfer;
    • Termination of the existing contract and issuance of a new one;
    • Informing the FPS provider;
    • Transferring the student’s account to the new course (unused fee, how much to top up, etc)

 For students under the INSURANCE FPS:

The student will authorise OS to transfer any unconsumed fees in the previous course to the new course. The student will top up any shortfall in fee for the new course

Student makes payment to the school’s bank account and notifies the school (if applicable)

Once the school receives the authorisation to transfer the unconsumed fees to the new course and upon receipt of any additional payment, the Finance Executive proceeds to purchase the insurance (FPS) and prints out the Certificate of Insurance to be filed in the student’s file. The student will acknowledge receipt of the Certificate of Insurance by signing on it. Finance Executive will proceed to issue the receipt.